Port Reclaim Scripting (DevilWAH) (For Standard Port Provisioning)

TMP Info

TMP's Name:    Todays Date:         TMP Start time:         TMP End time:        


Location Details

GCM Ref:      Implementation Date:

SRM Ref:     CHM Ref:

Data Center:   Hall:   Rack: 

Switch Name IOS / CAT OS Int: 1 Int: 2 Int:3 Int: 4 Int: 5 Int:6 Int: 7 Int: 8
Switch 1:

Switch 2:
Switch 3:
Switch 4:
Switch 5:



Please fill in the box to the right with any further comments and instructions. These will appear at the beginning of the script, to alert the implementor to any non standard process that should be followed