ConfGen Tool

ConfGen is a light weight application for populating values in to a template configuration file. It is based around the .net framework3.5 and this needs to be installed proir to running the application.

It is not specifice to any one manafacture or device, and will work with any text based configuration. It is aimed around producing high volumes of repeatable configurations as seen in the change managment service. It is still in early development stages and is one of three seperate tools I am working on. These tools will eventulay become tools to automate the Creation, Population and Deployment of configurations across a wide varity of devices.

Screen shot.

Confgen Version 0.6.96

Installing. Simply extract files to folder of you choice and run.

Change log. 29th september 2011

  1. Added Drag on drop function
  2. Load all configs in subdirectory at run
  3. Fixed some bugs while loading configs
  4. Changed output to RichTExt and added highlighting to varibles
  5. Tidied up some code

To Do

  1. Fix bug so user only gets warned once per row about not completing all fields
  2. Recode output window with buttons so user is able to cancel out or progress to next config
  3. Add buttons to out put window, “copy to clip board”, “download as text”, Download as RTF
  4. Add chosies to main window, “output current selected row/s”, “output all rows as one file”, “output all rows as indervidual files”.
  5. Add Header section to all configs, to allow a standard set of information to be added that will be apended to the top of all outputs.
  6. Allow default values to be specifed in config file and auto populated.
  7. Create a full install application, that will insure the correct .net framework is installed.
  8. Allow comments to be added to template, that will be highlighted in finaly output.



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