Well Looking a bit better

OK so I haven’t really got much further with an actually interesting blog.. But I have spent some constructive time playing word press, working out how to do a few things and started population the links.

For any one interested in the particulars this blog is running on a DELL GX280, running UNBUNTU server. (now don’t you all feel much better for knowing that). My next step is to work out how to back up this site, my old website was simply copy the folder, but I feel with SQL this might not be quite as straight forward. I am also trying to work out how to create posts on multiply pages? if any one knows I would be always grateful.

Well I’m going back to looking at a back up solution, but fear no the first real post will be here soon.


One thought on “Well Looking a bit better

  1. Ahh simple install of a wigit and backups sorted, And I have my quotes of the day sorted out, just got to populate them 🙂

    and now just testing the comments work OK

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