Where have I been….

Well I’m still here, started the new job and while I having great fun it has been 6 days a week. But really getting in to it and looking forward to the next few months. Nice team to work with and lots of new things to learn and discover.

The new job plus the little one are meaning not much time to study, but I have decided to purchase an android based tablet so I can read and watch videos on the way to work (travel by train).

But hopefully over the next few weeks I will get back to the studying again. got a list of things to cover, and want to update my Flash cards..

Also just saw that CBT nuggets have released the SWITCH videos, you can find the link to there site over to the right. If you are getting in to studying CISCO I strongly recommend you look them up. Not cheap the courses but they are extremal good.

Well must go to bed now but will be back soon to post more about STP enhancements and ROUTING topics.


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