Back on line…

OK that was a bit simpler than I imaged it would be!

If any one wants to move the hosting of there wordpress let me know, but to sum up you copy the files over, dump the sql database and reimport it to the new hosting solution.

What I expected to take hours actually took about 30minutes.

And now that it is back up and running, I can get back to studying and posting some study stuff.


Time to move!

Well you might ask why so quiet for the last few days.. Truth is I have just accepted a new job offer and this means that I will lose my current hosting for this site. As I am now moving house and work, I have decided I will move this site to a on-line hosting solution for now. Hopefully this should be up and running in the next few days and I can get back to posting again, with more info on what I will be doing in my new job, and more CCNP stuff.

Please bare with me during the move.