Tagging the Oceans

As a young boy I was fascinated by wildlife and had piles of videos that I would watch over and over. I always believed I would end up as a wildlife researcher tracking cheaters across the plains with a faithful rescued tiger as my companion. Well it did not turn out quite that way, but I am still in love with wildlife. You may believe in a creator or you may believe in science. But what we must all see is the wonder and complexity of nature and our existence.

One of humans worst qualities is that the further removed we are from something the less we seem to care. Weather this is removed in the sense of distance or time. And with technology of the 20st century putting more and more distance between us and nature, it is unsurprising that we take it for granted and don’t always treat it with the respect it deserves.

But what is great to see is how technology in the 21st century is starting to bring us back in touch with nature, to allow us to see the complex interactions and how us as humans fit in to the picture. People talk about the need to go back to simpler times to “save” the planet.. But it is not back we need to go but forward, to use technology and develop it so we understand and have the tools to make the changes we need, so we can both live as 21st century humans, while looking after the planet that sustained us, including the other living organisms that share it with us.

today I came across a video that shows how we are developing these technologies and how they can be used to reach out and make people interested. Because once people are interested the “distance” decreases, and as that goes down the more we will care.

Barbara Block: Tagging tuna in the deep ocean