OK, What about me?

Where do I start, I hate reading these things and am finding I hate writing them even more. Mid 30’s happy married, bit of a geek (my wife would go a lot further than a bit!) and living at the moment in the south of England, with our two small dogs and our lovely daughter Lilith Rainbow (born 21st May 2010).

I am also Dyslexic. Nope it don’t mean I’m stupid! Just I have trouble with my working memory being a bit smaller than average and that affects thing like spelling in particular.  But don’t worry the rest of me more than makes up for it. If you do spot errors feel free to point them out and I will do my best to correct them. I have this theory about Dyslexia, for example if I told you I can’t draw, no one would say I am lazy, or have learning difficulty.. But say you can’t spell and a brick wall is thrown up in front of you, and the labels are piled on! The fact your IQ may be in the top 10%, or you reasoning skills put you in the very superior (top 2%) group of the general population mean nothing to many people. Can’t spell = Thick! I hope this blog can make a decent argument against that.

So why am I starting a blog in the first place? well I have been studying for my CISCO exams for a while now, and I thought having a blog would help me keep track of what I am doing, and maybe would even be some help to others. Having said While I am at heart a CISCO fan-boy, this blog will hopefully develop to include some Linux (another area I have more recently got in to) posts, and other general things I get up to.

If your wondering what the “WAH” stands for in my name. Well may moons ago I went by the name Lucifer on-line. I think Lucifer is a cool name, and before the Christian religion got there hands on it, it was the name of a Roman god, and meant “Bringer of light” or “Venus as the morning Star”. Only during the translation of the bible did the name Lucifer become linked with the negative image it has today. Ah I digress.. Back to the WAH. Well one day a friend told me that I was no “Devil”, or maybe I was but I at least had bit of a halo. And there we are! from then on I was known as “The Devil with a Halo”, Sums me up pretty well. We all have a bit of good balanced with a bit of bad, and while the Angels with a forked tail might look purer at first glance, us Devil’s with out halos have more fun… 🙂

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