Common CISCO

Here will be formed a list of all the most common CISCO commands that we use on a daily bases. Please let me know of any you think should be added as I would like this to be a complete list of all the commands that we use with out thinking on our work, but that would be useful for some one new coming in to pick up.

Router# show ip interface brief (shows IP address assigned to all interfaces and there status)

Switch#show interface status (shows the status and vlan assignment of interfaces on a switch)

Router#show run | include <keyword> (show only the lines of the running configuration that contain the keyword)

Router#show run | section <keyword> (shows only the section of the running configuration specified)

Router#show CDP neighbours (shows neighbouring devices that are running CDP, and information about them)

Router#show version (tells you the current running software version along with flash and ram information)

Switch#show environment (will tell you information about the modules installed on a router / switch)

Router#show arp (shows the arp table of the device)

Router#Show mac-address table (shows the mac-address of devices connected to the interfaces)

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