Download PDF Articles

Just a small update of changes to the blog today. Got things to get ready for tomorrow so busy with that, but had a few moments to play with some bits a pieces.

First of I have restructured the Link’s in the menu bar. Now rather than being a page of typed links I am using the WP Render Blogroll Links plug in. A great link that renders the pages for my from the Link Categories in wordpress. Hopefully this should make adding links much quicker in future.

And the second Plug in I have added is PDF24 Article To PDF. You will not find a small button at the bottom of the posts and pages to download as a PDF file. I am hoping that once I have got in to the ROUTE studying fully (I’m actual going through the redistribution part of it now) and I am posting material people will fine being able to save a copy off-line useful. Remember this Blog site runs on an old Dell optiplex desktop so it may take a few seconds to generate the PDF for you.

Now back to Route redistribution for me 😉


Site URL update.

I have just the blog to a new directory on the web page, hopefully I have caught all the link errors, but if you see any broken links please let me know.

Ahh the site cache caught me out there, it seems more links than I thought where broken, however with the help of a few link checking sites and a nice helpful plug in I am hoping they are all fixed now.