Playing with the Blog.

I have added in a sub page under the “CCNP Route” page containing all the extra reading materials and media that I come across during my studies, it also includes my ANKI flash cards. However not a huge amount there yet but it will grow along with the post count.

Apart from that not much happening tonight here, been playing with LINUX and webservers again today. Currently looking at setting up an SMTP server, which is something I have not done before on Linux so that should be fun 🙂

I have  had a little bit more of a play with EIGRP so gearing up for the next post for CCNP ROUTE. I also want to lab out some more STP and QoS from the CCNP SWITCH, I am now in two minds if I should go back and retake the SWITCH as looking back over it I have a horrid feeling I made a very silly mistake in how I approached one of the main simulation questions. In so much as the first time I took the exam some thing did not work and the exam crashed, so I assumed that I could not do what I wanted. However from other peoples comments it seems this is not the case. I am still not happy with CISCO approach to this exam but I would really like to pass it. I know I can do it and I would love to get my CCNP by early next year.

However there something to get out of the way before then (talk more about that soon), and work is busy, so will have to see how things turn out.


Download PDF Articles

Just a small update of changes to the blog today. Got things to get ready for tomorrow so busy with that, but had a few moments to play with some bits a pieces.

First of I have restructured the Link’s in the menu bar. Now rather than being a page of typed links I am using the WP Render Blogroll Links plug in. A great link that renders the pages for my from the Link Categories in wordpress. Hopefully this should make adding links much quicker in future.

And the second Plug in I have added is PDF24 Article To PDF. You will not find a small button at the bottom of the posts and pages to download as a PDF file. I am hoping that once I have got in to the ROUTE studying fully (I’m actual going through the redistribution part of it now) and I am posting material people will fine being able to save a copy off-line useful. Remember this Blog site runs on an old Dell optiplex desktop so it may take a few seconds to generate the PDF for you.

Now back to Route redistribution for me 😉


CCNP Route

Well I Official started my ROUTE studies last night. 🙂 Back when I started this blog I was already well in to my study of the SWITCH material, and like wise creating Flashcard pack I made up with Anki was a rushed job as I went over the material. So I know neither the blog or the cards are really suitable for any one but me to use for studying.However for the ROUTE I want to do things correctly, even if this means it take me a little longer to achieve. I hope (and please let me know if I don’t) to post around two or three Lab based posts for each of the major area’s of the ROUTE material. Including EIGRP, OSPF, IPv4, BGP, Redistribution and IPv6. These will be tagged in category with a quick link on the menu bar for easy access. I also will be attempting to make a much better set of Flash cards this time round, that are more suitable for using as revision / memory aid. I hope combined these will make useful addition materials to people studying for there ROUTE exam.

Of course along side the ROUTE posts, I will also be trying to keep up with other interesting things I come across both inside and outside of IT. We shall have to see how things go. But I hope over the next few months I can really start to fill out this blog and produce some thing that other people will find useful. After all half the fun in learning things is to be able to pass it on to others.

On a side note I came across this today, EIGRP disababled by default. This is interesting for two reasons. The first of course being that it is nice to see CISCO have listened and have set the default to what 95% of us have to manualy set it to any way :). And secondly this comes from Which is a new blog that Jeremy Cioara of CBT nuggets Fame is now posting on along with a fellow IT tec guru Adam. Another site to add to the Favourite bar, don’t worry if you forget it will be in the links above. 😉



Well you might notice I am not updating and working on this blog much this week. Main reason is I have my CCNP SWITCH Exam coming up in a few days and hard at work revising!

I think I have it sorted just as long as no silly planning questions catch me out. It seems as though Cisco want you to “forget” things you know, and only come to the exam with the exact information in the book. It doesn’t matter if something is actual correct.. If its not in the book then you are not expected to know it.

config wise and technology I think I am fine though. I have been working on LAYER 2 for 5 years now so apart from a few small bits running through the book has been confirming lots of what I have learnt on the job over that time.

Still had time to play with the links in the blog and add a few more quotes.

And later I have a part 2 for trouble shooting with ACCL’s to write up, and a nice layer 3 NAT scenario to lab up soon to show a use for the “NAT enable” and virtual NAT interfaces. Hopefully get one of them at least sorted out this week, but if not I will do it after my celebrations (I’m thinking positive here) at passing.


Site URL update.

I have just the blog to a new directory on the web page, hopefully I have caught all the link errors, but if you see any broken links please let me know.

Ahh the site cache caught me out there, it seems more links than I thought where broken, however with the help of a few link checking sites and a nice helpful plug in I am hoping they are all fixed now.